Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dawson Enters the MTC

Dawson was to report to the MTC at 12:45 pm on December 30, 2009. We left St. George at 7:15 am and drove through a blizzard to get there. We met Danielle, Steve and Alexa at Mimi's restaurant at 11:30 am. We enjoyed a delicious brunch and Dawson's stomach was getting a little quizzy with nerves of excitement. Our friends the Saaralainens came by to say hello and good bye to Elder Flake. Then it was off to the MTC.
It was really snowy when we arrived so we didn't even take any picutres by the famous MTC sign. We did see Donny Osmond and his family taking picures and saying goodbye to a son. The parking attendant had served in the San Jose area and was very excited that Dawson was going there! We pulled up to the curb, unloaded the luggage, gave our last goodbyes, shed a few tears and felt the beautiful spirit of the MTC. So many young people so excited to serve their Lord. A constant flow of cars with family flowing with tears of bittersweet happiness and joy meandered out the MTC drive each filled with amazing faith to turn their young people over to the Lord for two years. This is the day that we have been preparing Dawson for since the day he was born. Every family night, daily scripture study, family prayer, Sunday meeting, and activity was in preparation for him to choose to serve the Lord. We are so proud of him and know that he is very well prepared. Dan broke down in tears as he mentioned to Dawson that he hadn't given him a lot of advice for the mission and that is because he is so much better prepared that Dan was...and we know that he will serve with all of his heart, mind, might and soul. See you in two years!
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