Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 23, 2011 Email

Hey Dad :) Sounds like you all had a fun week. I hope we have a wedding this week. I might be paying for it, which means you might be paying for it :) $150 is definitely worth opening the door of salvation to 3 people, don't you think? Well, The other elders in the ward had a baptism on Saturday, so that was good. Hopefully it will be a kick off baptism and many more will follow. We had two of our investigators who have dates in June there to witness it so that was great. I shook the hand of an Apostle on Saturday! Elder Ballard and the other members of the 70 who spoke are obviously men of God. Powerful speakers, very inspiring. The future of missionary work looks to be through the internet ( and also through more member involvement. I should have brought my notes so I could tell you more about it. My bad. It was definitely a high-light of the mission though, for sure. This week should be pretty crazy, I'll be going to a leadership meeting up in San Jose on Fri. Then 2 other days, I'll be going on exchanges to fulfill my District Leader responsibilities. THEN HOPEFULLY WE'LL HAVE A DOUBLE WEDDING AND BAPTISM ON SATURDAY! Today we got permission to drive over with a member to Hwy. 1 to drive on the coast and see what there is to see. Hike around a bit and take pictures. That's awesome you were able to resurrect the old Hobi cat. Ha ha, rubber duck yellow- I got to see this :) How many turtles do we have now? That's crazy. Who'd a thought? Well thank you for the prayers. They are definitely appreciated. Love Elder Flake

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Good Morning Dawson, We have had a nice weekend with Danielle and Steve. They had Steve's brother Shawn get married so they were all here. We took them up to the Pioneer park and Andrew showed them how to repell down the Dixie rock. The weather has been really nice and great for doing things outside but now it needs to warm up a bit more so that we can take our newly repaired sailboat out to the lake. We painted it "Rubber Duck" yellow and it looks pretty good. We had a good Fathers and sons outing up at Veyo pool this weekend. The river was pretty high so we were more careful with the little kids around the river but it was very pretty and we had a bout 100 fathers and sons there. The turtles are multiplying. It is spring and the little turtles are hatching and popping out of the ground like daisy's. I am going to be busy this next month with a few jobs that I have lined up so I am glad for that . I am looking forward to finishing the job up at Duck Creek with Andrew this Summer. We have been praying for those you are teaching to work towards baptism. It is great that you are busy and having success. Have a great week Love Dad

Hey Dani! Thanks for the pics? Say hi to St. George for me and give Alexa a hug and a kiss for me as well :) Mom tells me that Alexa recoginizes my picture and says hi to me by name! That's great she hasn't forgotten about me :) I told Dad that we might be having a wedding of our own this week. Two faithful investigators, Reina and Odilia, just need to tie the knot so they can enter the fold of God through baptism. We've been having trouble getting all the original birth certificates so they can get their marriage licenses. We'll hope and pray we get it all figured out by this weekend! So how's life? Where are you reading in the scriptures right now? I just read about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's burying their swords. The faith of thos people! Well, I love you and hope you enjoy your time in George Town. Love Elder Flake

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que tal?

I'm writing your from St. George today! We got into town last Thursday evening for Steve's brother, Sean's wedding. He married Cari Sue Green from St. George in the temple. Friday night was the reception at the huge Cox mansion by the springs and then Saturday morning they had the wedding and after that the luncheon. It was a wonderful time. Steve had to fly home last night to go to school this morning. Alexa and I get to stay until Wednesday afternoon. Alexa sure love grandpa and grandmas house. She likes to look at the fishies and jump on the tramp and run around. It has been nice to be in sunny weather and I already have a sun burn. I hope everything is going well for you! If it's not, pray and work harder ;) We sure love you and miss you!

Love, the Jacksons

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 Email

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you had a great day yesterday! Sounds like Dad and Andrew helped to make it special.

That's awesome that the ward is having another baptism. Great job Bro. Johnson! I was actually invited by a member of the Monterrey Stake Presidency last night to read that talk by Pres. Uchdorf- and all those sections in Doctrine and Covenants. I will do it tomorrow for Personal Study. The Bishop drove us over to Seaside (by Monterrey) last night for the Stake Priesthood conference. It was great. One cool thought from that was this: Many of the choices we make either allow us to be justified or sanctified. Choose to be sanctified!

I am very excited to hear from Elder Ballard this Saturday. I have been reading his book, 'Our Search for Happiness'. If only all non members were required to read that book... A lot more people would understand what the church is really all about. Sad news for our investigator G (who also is the Mother of investigators D and K) To make a long story short, she just found out that her 'husband' has been cheating on her, and this caused her to have a panic attack- she already suffers from depression- and now she is in the hospital because she overdosed on her pills. Poor woman. She is so sweet. Please keep her in your prayers. So this also means that the baptism of D and K (that was planned for this weekend) will again have to be pushed back... We had it all planned out and they were excited, but Satan got in the way! Ughhh...

Good news for this week is that we found 4 new investigators, which meant that we got to teach the Restoration 4 times this week, and that's always nice. One of them, Lorenzo, believes our message- but one obstacle we will have to overcome is that he is still practicing the Old Testament version of the Law of Sacrifice. He has sacrificed chickens, candy and even cookies. Kind of strange but he does seem interested :)

Well, we are going to keep chuggin along. It's crunch time for Reina and Odilia and Gerardo, They have continued to faithfully attend church, but they haven't done anything about getting their marriage licenses. So we are really going to push for them to get going on that, and Si Dios Quiere we will still have a baptism in May (on the 28th) and a wedding to boot :) Thanks for your prayers.

Love Elder Flake

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 Mother's Day Call and Email

Thanks Mom! I'm glad you had a great day. How did Andrew do with the feet wash? Today we just plan on cleaning and chilling. Maybe I'll write some letters. I've been procrastinating to write people back for a while now. oops;) This week, besides getting the double wedding going, we hopefully will be able to extend a few baptismal invitations to some newer investigators that we have.

We had one cool experience last night with Carmen, one of the cousins of Odilia and Reina. We invited her to say the closing prayer after our lesson. This was her first time praying so we ran her through how to do it before she made the attempt. She offered a wonderful prayer and she got a little emotional from the power she felt from talking with our Heavenly Father. It was cool. Yea for the Power of Prayer! She looks to be solid just like the rest of her wonderful, humble family:)

Well, hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thanks for being the most amazing Mom in the entire galaxy!

Love Elder Flake

Hey Grandma!
Thanks for the e-mail. I hope Logan is beginning to warm up a little more now that it's May. I also hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Thanks for being such a great mother and grandmother. Especially thanks for raising my mom so well. So have you and Grandpa made any more fishing trips lately? Sorry you didn't catch anything last time. But like you said, at least you got some fresh air :) Fishing is kind of like missionary work. Some days we don't even get a bite (someone interested in our message). But on those days, atleast we went out and gave it our all!

We do have quite a few investigators right now, mostly from one family, so that's good. Hopefully we'll catch a few of these 'fish' and have some baptisms this month. Thanks for being such a great example to me grandma, and grandpa as well. Let me know how Heather's wedding goes. Tell her congratulations for me if you would please.

Love Elder Flake

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 Email

Hey Mom :)
We had a pretty good week. Saturday for the California wide Helping Hands day we helped repaint and cleanup a baptist church. Then we had a BBQ after. So we had Baptist's at our BBQ ;)

The glasses came and they work perfectly. Thank you. We went to west pinnacles for P-day today. A member took us. It was nice to hike around in the beautiful outdoors. I'm excited to talk to ya'll next Sunday! We still haven't found anywhere to skype yet, but we are going to ask a few more members this week. Around 4 p.m should work. I will call ahead before to let you know if we are going to skype or whatever. Let me know how Craig's surgery goes.

Well let the Angels kiss you and the Devils miss you, ok? Ha ha some cool white lady in a power chair that we contacted told us that the other day. Well lots of love and we'll talk to you soon. Love Elder Flake

Alexa swims? Bin Laden was killed!?! What's going on in the world! We have one of the greatest families of all time, don't we? I tell people that all the time out here. I'm excited to talk to you Sunday!
Love Elder Flake

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Hey Elder Flake!

What's new?? I suppose you've heard the news that Osama Bin Laden was found and killed. So far it seems to be bringing more unity in the USA. That's good! In our news, not much new. I started my second class, Parenting Skills, which is only three Saturdays for a couple hours. Alexa finished her swim lessons. Steve is writing a book. We are all doing great! We are excited to hear your voice on Sunday! We have a wonderful mother don't we!! We are lucky to have the parents we have and for being brought up so well! Keep up the good work that I'm sure you're doing! We love you tons!

The Jacksons!!!