Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pictures and Wisdom Teeth

Friday, November 6 we went and picked up Dawson's new suit that was being altered at Adrians. Then we went to Kiddie Kandids to get his picture taken. He only wore the top half of his suit with shorts and slippers so the photographer had little trouble coming up with shots of just his top half. We got some good ones and then proceeded to stop by Grandma Flake's house and put Dawsons missionary picture on her Missionary wall. She is so proud of all of her 7 sons and many grandchildren who have served missions. Dawson and I were just as excited to put his up and be the next in line.
Next stop was to get his four wisdom teeth pulled. It went pretty smoothly and Dawson watched "The Man from Snowy River", which is one of his favorite movies from his younger days. Later he watched another movie with the boys while I worked on the Flake Family Newsletter. He slept well and was up and going the next day. He did go over to Grandma's and watch the BYU vs Wyoming game with her. We watched the first half and then went to buy Andrew some new shoes. It is such a beautiful fall day.

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