Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 8, Email

Hello ya'll! The MTC is fantastic! It just keeps on getting better and better:) The Lord lets me know I'm doing his will by sending me small miracles just about everyday. My companion and district are really great and so are my teachers. I went through the Provo Temple today and it was muy bonita! The Spanish is coming slowly but surely. Hope this letter finds everyone doing well! This truly is God's work!
love, Elder Flake

We also received a letter from him on his second day (New Year's Eve) in the MTC:
Hey Family!
Wow this place is crazy! The spirit is so strong and everyone here is so nice! My comp is Elder Pottorff from Dallas, Texas. He's got a strong testimony and he'll be easy to get along with. :) He's not a very athletic dude, actually he's a computer genius, but I already love and respect him so it's all good. :)
My district is way tight as well. :) So for it's gone pretty slow but all the veterans here say it picks up after Sunday. It's awesome though and I can already kind of say a simple prayer in Spanish!
Let's See...Our P-days will be on Friday. I've seen a few people I know already, including Sister Belen and Nick Osmond.
The chocolate milk is truly delicious!
I love you all so much! The church is true!
Happy New Year!

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