Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elder Dawson Returns with Honor! January 4, 2012

Dawson flew home via Salt Lake City and arrived at the new St. George Airport at 4:15 pm. He was scheduled to arrive at 4:30 and luckily we were there a little early. His plane was actually landing and we pulled into the parking lot. We were able to get positioned and welcome him as he came into the building. A high school buddy, Bryan Lunt, came in on the same plane returning from his mission. Dawson rode from San Jose to SLC with an old companion, Elder Simmons.

It is so wonderful to have him home again. We all went up to Pres. Topham's house and he released Dawson. We could just feel the spirit of the release. It was both joyful and sad for Elder Flake to take off his badge that he has worn faithfully for two years!

Well done thou good and faithful servant!

Monday, January 2, 2012

December 26, 2011 Final MissionaryTestimony

Hello again fam!
It was indeed a pleasure to talk with you on Sunday. Glad to hear ya'll had a merry Christmas and we had the same here : ) Our Christmas dinner was very humbling, with a family of recent converts- the Lunas. That day, they had just moved into a small apartment- they had been living with another member family, due to hard times, financially speaking. They didn't have any chairs or furniture, so we all just ate on the floor. But they shared their testimony of how although they have gone through many trials since there baptism earlier this year, the Lord has blessed them so much spiritually speaking- they are so much happier now. Beautiful family.

The spiritual things of God have so much more worth than the material things of this world! I am so grateful for the Gospel. After 2 years of spreading this message abroad- it has been confirmed to me time and time again that it's all true. The Restoration, the Book of Mormon- all of it. Jesus is the Christ! I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support over these past years. I look forward to many happy reunions here shortly. Best wishes and a Happy New Year.
Love Elder Flake