Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Email to Lindsey and Danielle

Hey Linds! That's pretty exciting you are moving out to the big East. How many years are you going to be out there? You know what they say about the East Coast, it's big, hard, and everyone is miserable. Have you listened to the Glen Becks Conversion story? He talks about the East. But good thing you have the Gospel and know where true happiness lies:) I will pray for you and hope this next stage of your life will be an enjoyable one. I can't remember quite when Carlton's B-day is but I think it's soon so happy Birthday Carlton:) Be Careful in the City of Brotherly Love, cause I hear it's not as lovely as the name infers:) The Lord will bless as you do what is right. It says it in the B.O.M 1 million times!
\Lots of love
Elder Flake

Hi! Hi! Hi! Alexa:) I'm glad you had fun at the reunion:) It's way cool reading in the B.O.M about me, the Gentile, bringing forth the Gospel to the posterity of Lehi. It's all over the place. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summers!
Love Elder Flake

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010 Email

Hey Dad:)
I like your old truck-man from snowy river analogy;) I hope it can make one more trek. The work is going ok. Cristian missed church, and hence we have to move her baptismal date back a little bit. She still seems pretty solid though and we have faith that she'll come through.
This week is kind of different because Elder Medrano bacame the new District Leader and they are doing some 'hecka' (SO many kids here in Cali use this word all the time- it means a lot:) training down in San Jose- for the new PMG that doesn't come out till May 2011i guess. But Medrano says it sounds like it's going to be pretty sweet. Anyways this week Medrano is going to be down in San Jose for all of the day time so I am paired with Elder Egbert, a big, jolly Chinese speaking Elder from SLC. We had fun today and together, we can talk to twice as many people:)
This last P-day we played some indoor soccer with some other Elders and some youth in a church building. It was fun. I'm getting pretty good at Futbal cause some times while we are tracting, some kids playing on the street will invite us to play and we join them for a bit. I'll probably play in the next World Cup in 2014;) I'm still getting better with the language so that's good. Being with an Elder who only speaks Chinese makes me have to do all the talking with Hispanics. And it's proving that I can communicate on my own which is nice to know:) And because Medrano is the new D.L, I'll be going on more splits so that should help to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. It sounds like you guys will be really busy the next few weeks. I hope you have fun and don't have any car trouble:) I'm doing good out here. Let all the couzins know that i Love them.
How's the calling going? Try not to get complacent with it. i have to constantly remind myself to keep looking for more ways to serve/be more effective as a missionary. Well love ya and you're in my prayers,
Elder Flake

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010 Email

Hey Mom!
I'm glad everything worked out well for the wedding:) I saw the pics- people look different! I guess a lot can change in 6 months, huh?
Thank you for the prayers in behalf of Christian. She is moving along fine. So what are you going to do to better your self/ have fun the remainder of this summer? Remember you're never to old to learn a new trick! SO go after your dreams:) I love you so much mom! Have a great week:)
Love your son, Elder Flake

Hey Broseph!
I just saw pics of the wedding. You worked that tux! Excellent work! Ya it is so nice to be teaching Cristian. She's awesome. Congrats on becoming a priest and blessing the sacrament! Everyone messes up the first time so esta bien! Here, I always try to bless the bread ( We get to bless the sacrament a lot in our branch because we don't have a lot of Priesthood holders) because the way they do it here is give the sacrament to us, the priests, last, so if you are blessing the water, you have to basically swallow the piece of bread- and we have good sized pieces of bread, or sometimes bagels- in order to be able to have your mouth empty for saying the blessing. But ya, it's fun. I get to exercise my priesthood a lot:)
What was bro. Calahan thinking giving a bunch of TEACHERS all those weapons of war! I'm amazed that know one chopped off any bodily appendages! You must have had a lot of guardian Angels working over time to keep you all safe;) I'm gald you had a good time. I saw a pic of Spencer also, he looks tall. YEp, we're the last of the singles, aren't we? Ha ha, we better hold our own;) well love you bro, your bro
Elder Flake

Hey Grandma and Grandpa:)
Thanks for the e-mail. It is very exciting to finally have a solid baptismal date with someone. Cristian is a special person and it is so good to finally be teaching someone who realizes the importance of our message. Please pray for her to continue to progress towards baptism. I enjoy serving with my companion Elder Medrano. He is fun and has a very strong testimony. Being with the same person all the time does test patience at times, but it's kind of like my relationship with Andrew. Some times he can get on my nerves, but overall I love him and enjoy being/serving with him. I'm glad you and Grandpa are enjoying the sunshine and I hope you have a fun time in Canada. It sounds fun. Thanks again for your examples and prayers,
Love Elder Flake