Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Letter Jan. 19, 2010

Hey Family!
Sounds like all is well for the most part. Who da thought it was Dad messing up the computer all these years. Ha Ha Hope you can get that problem all sorted out…Well things are well here. Well, Justin is heading back out to Tennessee huh? How long until he does that? I’ll have to get his address so I can write him out there.
So Andy is going to be all alone after all. Huh? You should really consider getting a foreign exchange student for his junior year. It would give Andy some one to wrestle around with besides Dad, cause we don’t want the old man to get hurt, do we? Ha ha J/K But our family could be a good example for some kid from somewhere. I don’t know… Pray about it I guess.
So ya there are at l east two other Elder Flakes here and also an Elder ‘Fleek’ who I keep getting his mail…. I get my hopes up that I got a letter and it turns out to be for Elder Fleek. Ha it’s pretty funny actually. It’s happened a few times. I get to play basketball here every day almost and you know I love that.
Thanks for the sports updates. I actually think I met with that Tiulevea guy of BYU here. At least he was a really big guy and I think that was the name on his name tag.
Brian Lunt, a bud, from PVHS is now my next door neighbor. He’s the one that is going to Vancouver and talked to Lindsey about that the night she got back. I’m seeing people from Saint George everywhere up here! We’ll, thanks so much for the letters and backpack and treats! You’re super great!
Love, Elder Flake

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