Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 4, 2010 Email

Hey brother!

Thank you for the e-mail:) I'm glad you stuck with X country another year and that is exciting that you got to run varsity @ state. I'm super jealous! 5th place too, that's good:) So tell me about this Brooke Hansen-when is Sadies? Make sure you be very respectful and open doors for her and stuff. Hope you have fun. You got an A- huh... Voy a castigarle por eso. J/K bro. You are way smarter than I was - keep up the good grades! You had already blew the 4.0 though right? No importa. Pues....
Sounds like you had fun on Halloween. I always wanted a gorilla suit... We got to go to a trunk-or-treat party at the church Saturday night. We found these LEGIT sombreros and wore them for our costumes. I'll send pics. The most creative costume I saw was this kid with cereal boxes glued to his shirt with knives stabbed into each one.... He was a CEREAL KILLER! Ha ha;)
So Bro, you know the deal- you can be wise and happy or stupid and miserable. The choice is yours:) No bro, I know I don't even have to worry about you, (Just please check your knots while climbing! I sound like Mom!) thank you for being awesome!
Love Elder Flake

I asked Dawson to write a letter to a sister in our ward who has cancer. They wanted letters from all of the kids who were in her Sunday School class. Here is his letter to her:

Dear Sister

Hey Sister , it's Elder Dawson Flake. I'm out here serving in California just like your son was. That seems just like the other day, when he got home, yet it also seems like another life ago... Serving a mission is great- I've seen so many people grow and progress from the Gospel of Jesus Christ- including myself. Us as members have been so blessed to have had the chance to accept this glad message here in this life. It's sad seeing so many people lost and confused out here- especially when you see someone reject the out-stretched hand of our Savior -when you know if they would just accept the saving grace he offers, their lives would be SO blessed. For this life and eternity. But when you do see someone who's heart is sufficiently softened, and the light that comes into their lives when they begin to follow Jesus Christ, it makes it all worth it.

I'd just like to thank you and your husband for the great examples you were to me and all of the other youth in the church. I felt of your kindness and love and am very grateful for all the life lessons learned in your Sunday School class. We had a lot of good times in that classroom as well and also those partys at your house. Ha ha I just remembered when Adam got shocked with the dog collar- that was funny. Well thank you again for the positive influence you've had in my life and know that you are in my prayers.

Love Elder Flake

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