Monday, October 25, 2010

October 25, 2010 Email

Hello Family:) I really enjoyed the Flake Family newsletter. It appeared very gratitude themed, and it's not even November yet:) I'm so grateful for such great family and friends. You all inspire me.
So there work is goin well. We had some big lessons this week, including The Law of Chastity with Daniel and Lorenia, our baptismal candidates(Who are living together). They took it well, but because of legal complexities they can't get married right now. She's only here on a visa and Daniel is only a resident, not a citizen. So we are trying to find someone in the branch that one of them can live with because they are too poor to pay two rents. We are also teaching this Father named Jesus. He's a really good dad/guy and he is reading and praying and wants to know if our message is true. Please pray for him to receive an answer.
We also got to go to a baptism of the sisters in one of the English wards with Renato (he speaks English) and there was a really good spirit there. Plus Renato happened to know the guy who got baptized and another recent convert was there and both of these two men had just quit smoking, plus, the addiction specialist senior missionary was there and they hit it off so it went great :)
Ok, now one HILARIOUS incident that occurred Thursday morning before District Meeting. We were getting into the car on busy San Benito street to go to District Meeting, Elder Quinn took shotgun so I was going to sit in the back, I had just put my back pack down on one seat and hung my suit coat up and closed the door and was walking around the back of the car to the other side, when Elder Simmons gunned it to catch a gap in traffic, leaving me there, mouth open in shock as I realized he thought I was in the car- They left me! I was all alone! For the first time in over 9 months! So I just busted up laughing! Then I looked up and there were people sitting on their porch right there who undoubtedly saw what just happened, so I stopped laughing and I got kind of embarrassed/nervous, cause I was alone and didn't know what to do. So I walked down to the nearest corner and just stood there, still in shock of being alone, for like 10 minutes (that seemed like an eternity) until FINALLY they came back for me- they had gotten all the way to their destination, and had gotten out of the car before they noticed I wasn't there! What great Companions!;) So when they finally got back to me and we made eye contact we all just laughed our guts out, all the way back to the church, and there we told the story to the District and we all had a good laugh :) Oh, I love the mission:)
Well thanks for all your support and I hope this e-mail finds everyone doing well.
Happy B-day Lindsey and Happy Halloween! -Love Elder Flake
(Thanks Mom, in advance, for the package:)

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