Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 Email

Hello Mom:)
I'm glad you liked the letter. I'm jealous that ya'll had the chance to put lights up at the Temple. We had the pleasure of helping put up many different Nativity scenes in a downtown shop window earlier this week. It's a promotion the Hollister First Ward is doing to get the church some more exposure in Hollister during the Holidays.
This week we helped Renato quit drinking coffee after helping him quit smoking the week before. We bought him a bunch of hot chocolate as a substitute for his coffee. It's awesome to watch him progress. He called US to remind us to get him a ride to church yesterday. Just talking to him makes me happy. He's 34 but he acts inocent like a child. We've been invited to spend Thanksgiving with Pres. Rose' family up in Gilroy. So it looks like I'll be having a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner anyways. All I can think of right now for Christmas is a C.D or 2 of churchy music. The few C.D's I have now are getting old. As far as clothes and things go, I'm still good, thanks:)
We are finally going to Pinnacles today for P-day. So that should be fun. I can't believe you ate a live fish A-town! Did you just swallow it? Sounds like it was a really fun, and somewhat disgusting date;) Well we got to get going but thanks for your weekly letter Mom (it's nice to always get mail atleast once a week;) and for all you do for me while I'm out here. Have a great week! Love Elder Flake

Hey Lindz! Thanks for the e-mail. That's cool you have non member friends. i didn't have very many non member friends... I had one from Ukraine:) I'm not exactly sure of the contents of a Mexican Thanksgiving dinner or if they even celebrate it- I'll find out here real soon though:) Take Luck! Lots of Love- Elder Flake

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