Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010 Email Thanksgiving

Hello family :)
This week was pretty tough/discouraging, but life is hard so I better just put on a helmet. Tuesday was one of the saddest days of my mission. At the door, on 2 separate occasions, both Gonsalo and Renato told us that they couldn't be baptized. And both reasons pretty much came down to family opposition/pressure and the dreaded line "I'm Catholic". With Renato it was a real heartbreak. We have seen him progress so much... We are not giving up completely on them. Please keep them in your prayers. And Salvador & his family. We just found out this morning that his brother, who is a member, got deported.
But on the good side, Rosie is getting baptized this Sunday! She is the 19 year old daughter of a member. Ever since she started coming to church, she knew that this is what she wanted. Also, Angeles, a friend of a member who we started teaching a couple weeks ago is progressing very well. She is real smart and is just eating the Gospel up. She should be baptized in December as well.
Thanksgiving was great too. Back to back fantastic meals. A LOT of food. We also raked leaves that morning for some less actives and a few random people, one of which tried to give us a $10 which we didn't accept. So that was fun. So all is not lost. Tuesday was definitely a trial but the Lord has blessed me with so much that i can't complain.
Thank you so much Mom and Dad for your support! I'm learning so much out here and I'm trying hard not to waste any of the time the Lord has given me to serve Him. With lots of love, Elder Flake

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