Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 Email

Hello from Hollister!

First of all, transfers came and went, and nothings changed- so we'll just stay here in our threesome until Elder Quinn gets his visa and is shipped off to Mexico. This will be most likely my last transfer (third) with Elder Simmons, so we decided we need to make some things happen. We want to definitely continue to help the branch get more of a solid foundation, but we also want to baptize this transfer. We're getting off to a good start; we found a member who lives in San Jose who is a lawyer and is going to help Salvador take care of his divorce issue so he can finally get baptized. He's been having the missionaries at his place for over 6 months now, but hopefully things will go smoothly with the divorce and he could be baptized as early as this upcoming weekend. He's already living like a member and we all love him; he's hilarious.

Then there is Rosie, the daughter/granddaughter of two recent converts. She is in a very similar situation to which Cristian (from my last area) was in being that she is young (19) and has a baby. She has been coming to church with her mother and grandmother for a while now, but didn't seem very interested until we found out this week that she wants to be baptized. We have a date for her on December 5th. She came to Stake Conference (which was really good- an area 70, Elder Whiting, presided) and seemed to enjoy that. She seems nice and is very quiet. Also we are teaching these kids of an awesome family that have us over for dinner every Monday, the Swains. The grandparents are very active and super nice, but their parents are less active. There is 10 year old Rebecca and her little brother Evan (who is turning 8 at the end of the year; so they'll be baptized together shortly after.) They are fun to teach and hopefully in the process of teaching them we can help to reactivate the parents.

Other good news is that Renato quit smoking! He said the voices (that he hears in his head) and God teamed up and decided that it was time for him to kick it. So he went from smoking a pack a day to nothing, like that! Miracle! We also had an awesome spirit-filled lesson with a cool member of the English ward (Bro. Walters; who quit many addictions himself before converting) that helped Renato out a lot. He is fun to teach and I enjoy encouraging him to keep from smoking and to pray and such. Maybe I'll be a counselor of some sort some day... Pues I hope this e-mail finds everyone well and happy. If you're not happy, pray or read the scriptures or something, becaues the gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness :)

Love Elder Flake

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the dinero! We'll put it to good use:) I hope it doesn't get too cold in Logan this year. Thanks for your love and support, Love Elder Flake

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