Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Message April 25, 2011 Email

Yea Darrell is engaged! That's exciting news:) Thanks for the package Mom. That $10 gift card was inspired:) It's going to save Elder Mote and I for the last week of the month. I put the Easter Eggs you sent to good use by having a easter egg hunt Sunday morning with our investigator Odilia's 2 kids; Gerardo (10) and Perla (6). They had a great time hunting the eggs and we had a good time watching them. We also hid a picture of Jesus for each of them, which I think was a Dave Suttner tradition.

Our ward also had a Easter party that included an egg hunt as well on Saturday. It was a great time and we had a few investigators turn up. I kept the egg painting tradition alive by hard boiling some eggs and we bought an egg painting kit at the dollar store then after church on Sunday we went over to our investigator Gloria's and painted eggs with her kids Denise (9) and Kain (11). We also talked about the true meaning of Easter. Denise really wants to get baptized and hopefully we'll still be able to get her and her brother baptized here soon.

So we'll be on bikes again this week, and i'll be putting my new wheels to the test. My first bike started to have serious issues so i traded it and $40 to another Elder who likes to fix bikes for another used bike that he had just fixed up. Hopefully this one works out better :) The new transfer starts today and Elder Mote and I plan to baptize this time around. Gerardo, his mom Odilia and her sister in law Reina are super super super ready to be baptized and if all goes well they will be married and in the water before the end of May. Their Esposo's are scheduled to get back from working in the fields of Oxnard the 5th of May. The plan is to start teaching the esposos when they get back, and maybe we'll be able to baptize all of them together which would be sweet. Such awesome humble women. The whole ward loves them.

The mission is beginning to re-use an older tactic for getting more member refferals called 'The Harvester'. It's a flip chart that helps members catch the vision of our mission and also helps them think of specific people they know who are ready to hear the restored gospel. Switching gears, there are a lot of parents here that are struggling to raise their teenage children. One of them is Gloria Luna, a new investigator of ours- super nice lady. I love testifying to them how the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. Because it's so true! My family is so blessed because of the Gospel! It's amazing!

Well, I got to jet. Be excellent to each other!
Elder Dawson Flake

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