Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011 Email

Hi Dani!
So how was your celebration of the day of your birth? Was that the occasion that called for dinner at Bennihana's? Alexa looks so cute, and she already has all of her teeth? One miracle we had this week was 6 investigators came to conference! And they all came to the same session ( 4 of them are related )! So that was an awesome sight. Conference was great! Which one was your fave? They've all kind of blended together in my mind, but I remember feeling the spirit real strong during the talks of Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf.

I'm also glad I'm still out here in the field because in Priesthood Session the single men (R.M's) were called out multiple times on waiting around too long before getting married. I'm too young to get married! But I don't have to worry about that for a while so it's ok! I need to focus on getting other people married right now (3, maybe 4 of our investigators right now - all women, need to get hitched before they can be baptized). Elder Cook was right! Women are so much more spiritual/righteous than men! Men won't listen to us! -basically all of our investigators/potentials are women! Maybe we need to change our finding approaches... I guess all the men are working in the fields right now... Any ideas Sister?

Well I love you and hope you have a fantastic week. Congrats getting the new job! Don't you love living in an apartment? Always a baby crying or a kid hitting the wall in the next apartment :) iPerseverar hasta el fin!

Love, Elder Flake

Hey Lindsey!

You are going to have a baby! And you ran a half marathon! You're crazy! Congratulations again- I'm already excited to come home and see my 2 month old niece or nephew :) Sorry you and Carlton got sick :( I've been having a bout with the cold the past few days. Nothing serious- i just have to travel carrying tissues. You remember the pleasant noise I make when I blow my nose? My comp's ears have been experiencing it all weekend long! I feel bad... especially now that he has gotten my disease. But I woke up feeling some-what better so things should be running normally (like the amount of snot coming out of my nose) soon :)

Well I hope you enjoyed conference! I sure did! Which was your favorite talk? Well I hope you are feeling better today and that you have a fantastic week.

Love Elder Flake


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