Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011 Email

Hey Mom,

We had a good week. I'm very glad that we had the car this week because it rained every day until yesterday it was beautiful. Today looks to be a beauty as well. I did hear there was some flooding in the Santa Cruz mountains, but here in Salinas it was just wet. I loaned my bike to the greenie Elder Dimond for the week, and it started falling apart on him, so then we loaned the other Elders Elder Mote's bike, and Elder Barrow was riding it yesterday and he got hit by a beamer (BMW)! Elder Barrow is fine- he flew through the air I guess, but he's just a little sore this morning. The Lord protects his missionaries :) But so now both Elder Mote and I both have some major fixing up to do on our bikes. That's probably what we'll be doing for the majority of today. His might be totaled.

On the plus side of the week we found 6 new investigators! For the most part they were found from knocking on doors, but one named Hilda was a referral from our golden investigators Odilia and Reina. She seems pretty solid. We gave her a chapter to read in the B.O.M, and she read it and even marked all the words she didn't understand (which was quite a few because her first language, like Reina and Odilia, is Mixteco- except Hilda's Spanish is worse). So there will be a little language barrier in teaching her, but she looks to be pretty golden as well. She accepted a baptismal date for the end of April.

Also yes I have a few months more out than Elder Mote. He's a really good missionary. You wouldn't even know he's only been in the church for 4 years, he knows the doctrine so well. I'm also the District Leader here. I have another small District- only 6 of us, including the zone leaders. I hope you have a good experience up at the training meeting, and enjoy general conference as well (How could you not?).

Our Temple trip is this Wednesday (Yea!). Bishop Davidson will be taking us up. He kept his Spanish up from his mission and has been the Bishop for 3 years now. Good man. He's a retired principal.

Congrats to Carlton and Lindsey on their runs. I'll have to beat Carlton's time when I get back :) Give Levi my congrats if you haven't yet. I'm excited for him. Hopefully we'll have time to swing by Costco today and I'll order glasses there. It looks to be a lot cheaper. Well Mom thanks for everything. I'm happy here in Salinas, and well fed (The members here make sure of that-really good Mexican food), so don't worry about me. I'll look both ways before I cross the street on the bike this week :) Enjoy feasting upon the words of the prophets!

Love Elder Flake

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