Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011 Email

March 7, 2011

Ha Ha! Ya Dad, you show Carlton how to play tennis ;) 85% activity rate- that's pretty impressive. We might be close to 50% in the branch? Do you think if you get the ward to 100% and baptize all of the nonmembers in the boundaries that our neighborhood would be taken up, like the city of Enoch? That would be cool...
Where are the Callahans moving to? Tell them I say thanks for being great neighbors. Speaking of people moving, last night I attended the Outgoing Fireside of my trainer Elder Burton. His testimony was awesome and when he bore his testimony at the end in Spanish, he sounded like a native speaker. We brought Salvador Rodriguez up with us again- his third outgoing fireside and he's still not baptized!!! But finally, he's in a position financially where he can start saving money and get those darn divorce papers started. With any luck, he will be baptized some time this upcoming transfer. He's going to make a bomb member. Future Elders Quorum President tal vez.
I had one cool experience while on exchanges this past week worth sharing. We drove out into the boonies to see this referral, turns out they weren't home. So we decided maybe there was another reason we had traveled out there, so we decided we'd knock a door or two. So the first house we drive up to, kind of a cabbin lookin thing up on a little hill in the middle of nowhere, we find this lady sitting on her steps watching 2 little boys. So we start to talk to her and it was pretty random us arriving at her house in the boonies but she agreed to listen to us and we ended up teaching her the Plan of Salvation because she had the question where do I go when I die? It went well and now she's an investigator of the English Elders. So that was cool, but it's only half of the story. We ended up getting lost on these little country roads, I hit a squirrel, then we ended up having to pray for direction because the fuel light had been on for a while and we didn't know which way to go but after the prayer we both had a distinct impression to go a certain way and we ended up rolling back into town just before we ran out of gas. Ha ha, it was kind of fun.
Well thanks for your tournament idea, I don't know if our District is big enough to pull it off but we'll think of something. I need to think more outside the box. Well Dad I hope the rain has subsided and that you have a great week.

Love Elder Flake


Yes I got your Valentine- Thanks :) Alexa's old enough for Nursery! No way! Harry Potter, good times. Did you see the sixth movie? Of course Steve won Risk. I find out this Saturday if I'm getting transferred. If I stay one more that would give me 9 months in Hollister!!! The church is true and I love you. Elder Flake

Hi Mom,

Sorry I don't have much time. Thanks for the package in advance. I haven't done anything about the glasses yet. I decided to wait and see if I get transferred next week before I deal with that. Veronica didn't come to church yesterday because she was sick. We'll keep praying for her and workin with her and see what happens. We have a new investigator with a date named Rocio Ruiz who we met this week. I'll let you know more about her next week. Well I love you and thanks so much for everything.
Elder Flake

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