Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011 Email

Hola from Salinas!

A large town with 2 Wal-marts! I'm excited to go there today for the first time in months:) Salinas is a Rodeo town full of Mexicans. It's awesome. I'm in a car share (You get a full week with a car, and then the next full week is on bike) and was on a bike all this past week! I gained so much respect for biking Elders! I've been pampered with a car my whole mission! It wouldn't have been so bad, but it was windy/rainy all week. I bought a used, but in good condish, mountain bike for $80 from another Elder. Then Elder Mote and I had to spend $40 on a heavy duty bike lock, because I guess about every missionary gets his bike stolen while serving here in Salinas.

Oh, Elder Mote is my new comp. He's awesome! He moved to SoCal when he was like 11 from Mexico City and he was baptized 4 years ago here in Cali. He's 24. Awesome guy, I enjoy working with him. Salinas is supposed to be one of the most dangerous areas of the mission, but after a week here, I haven't seen anything too sketchy and neither has Elder Mote who has been here 2 months. Besides 4 golden investigators (all one family) who will be baptized on April 9th, the investigator pool here is about bone dry. So we are going to be doing a lot of finding. Being on a bike instead of a car makes things a lot different. You talk to a LOT of people on a bike. It's fun:) Other perks of Salinas is that it's right close to Monterey Bay. We will be going to the famous Monterrey Bay one of these P-days. Another Perk already mentioned is that it's big, we got options in grocery stores, restaurants, everything.

Also I'm in my first ward! It's a small ward, but a ward nonetheless. The Salinas 3rd ward. There are 2 English wards here. There are 4 missionaries serving in our ward (the ones we share the car with). Last Perk: There are a TON of Mexicans here. TONS. In half of the town it's like I'm IN Mexico. No one speaks English. Pretty cool. So in other words, I'm pretty excited to be here. Thanks for your prayers,

Love Elder Flake

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