Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 1, 2011 Email

Hey Mom!
I'm in Gilroy right now on exchanges with one of our Zone Leaders Elder Badger from Washington. We ate lunch at Sizzler because I did good at not spending much last month and we came out together so we were celebrating our year out in the field mark which is tomorrow. My comp E. Gainor came out the same day as well so we will have to go get an ice cream at Foster's freeze tomorrow to celebrate.

For P-day yesterday we went to Fremont Peak again. It was cold, but nice to get out into the outdoors nonetheless. Sunday it was my turn to teach the newly started Gospel Principles class. We only had one investigator show up, but it was still good. I taught about the Atonement. I love my Savior! I focused on His suffering in the Garden and showed her via Alma 7:11-13 how the B.O.M helps us understand more about why and what Jesus was suffering for. Something that Lindsey shared with me via a letter months back. It was great because she had doubts about the B.O.M and I think this might have helped clear things up. District Meeting went ok. I'm trying to practise what I preach and use more of the How to Begin Teaching Points from PMG in my work and it helps a lot. I'm going on another exchange Thursday and then Friday I'll be up in San Jose again for another meeting.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new calling this far. How are you going to build a St. George Temple? Sounds like Dad's department... Tell Nate I say Hi. I'll try and write him back next P-day. That's sad about Sean. Tell him I say Hi and I'm praying for him. How's Craig Tippets doing? I'm good on stationary Mom, thanks :) I love you and hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Flake

Hey Dad:) It actually snowed here the other day! Only for a bit I guess. We didn't even notice. That doesn't happen much here. Jimmer sounds like the man. Did you ever serve as a District Leader? Or did they not have those back in the day:) It's tough, but I'm learning a lot. Thanks for your prayers! Love Elder Flake

Hey bro! Good ol Purple Rock :) Sounds like you're having fun. Keep after that Pre-Cal, I know it's hard, learned that one the hard way- twice;) I had an interesting experience knockin a door the other day, we were looking for a potential- Upon answering the door, this large tatted Mexican answered and said ' First of all, You're knockin too $%*# hard! ' So I apologized for my inconveniently loud knock, and then i asked him if the person we were lookin for was home and he informed us that she no longer lived there. Then I guess E. Gainor was giving him a stare so the guys like 'What?!' And my comp replies 'What?' and then mr big 'n tough is like 'hmph' before slamming the door. Some peoples kids...

Well take care bro. Where are you reading in the scriptures right now? I just got done reading the 4 Gospels. They're pretty awesome. Love ya bro! Elder Flake

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