Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011 Letter to Andrew

Yea Republicans! A rare sighting in liberal California....

The Dazzling green suit!

Amigos, Elder Gainor, Dawson's new companion.

Happy cows come from California!

I saw Ely's (Dawon's toyota 4-runner) the other day, so that was cool--same year and color. So that suit-The 'dazzling' green one, is a traveling suit between the two companionships of Elders here in Hollister. Elder Simmons and I found it in the branch closet that gets filled with the used clothes from the members of the wards that they've donated to the branch members. It's fun!
Oh, I found out that I'm allergic to cats! whenever we're in a house with a cat; my nose just gets bugged a bit- no big deal. Mexicans like dogs (mainly chihuahuas) over cats anyways.
People give me a hard time about my name (Flake) all the time--mostly white people cause Mexicans don't know what it means, but some Hispanics make the connection between 'Flake' and the Spanish word 'Flaco' which means really skinny. So in both cultures people find a way to poke fun at the family name.
The mission got a little tougher with my call to be District Leader. Just becaue now I have to prepare District Meetings and our lessons for our investigators, but the Lord qualifies whom he calls, so I just got to step up and have faith. I've got my first Baptismal interview to do this week, but is should be fun. We'll keep having fun and keeping the commandments.

Elder Flake

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