Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 Email

Happy New Year from Hollister!
Thanks to all for your birthday and Christmas wishes:) Big news today in that we received a call informing us that Elder Quinn at last has received his visa and he will be shipped off to Guadalajara Mexico tomorrow. It was a pleasure to work with him and he was a great help. We'll be sad to drop him off in San Jose tomorrow.
Pues the Holidays in the Mission was definitely a different experience. But I think we did about as much as we could while being away from home to make it a memorable Christmas. The three of us and the English Elders even got together to reinact the Christmas Story as found in Luke 2. It wasn't quite the same as how we usually do it at Gma & Gpa Datwyler's- but it was fun:) Other than that, the last 2 weeks were pretty darn slow work-wise, but we did get to do a lot of service:) I got to use a few skills I obtained from my old man Dan painting and flooring a house that a member of our branch was needing to move into by this last Saturday. It was nice to work with our hands for a change. We also ding-dong ditched a few members with kids to make sure they had at least a few gifts to open on Christmas which was a treat. Also New Years Day we started helping members of the branch set resolutions for the New Year to help them come closer to Christ. One Less Active member, Lionel, decided his goal for the year would be to go through the Temple, joining his wife who just barely went through for the first time. We got to know him a lot better because he was our 'boss' while we were helping the Sister prepare her house to be in shape to move into. Awesome guy. So overall we had a nice Christmas Season. But on the other side of the coin it's nice that it's over because now people's lives should be getting back to normal and less busy. We are going to be doing a lot of finding this week. Got to fill up the teaching pool.
Both of our recent converts, Angeles and Rosie are doing very well and making more friends at church. Thanks again for the blessing all of you are in my life and i hope everyone takes the advantage of the opportunity we have to think at the beginning of this new year on how we can bring our selves and those around us closer to Christ for the year 2011. iDios les bendiga!
Love Elder Flake

HEy fam!
It was nice to see and talk to you! Sounds like you all had a blast in St. G town. Thanks for the pics Mom- Andy looks like a giant! Good work on the snowman Lindsey & Carlton! That thing was huge! Was Steve the best shot at the skeet shoot of the family like he's the best at everything else in the family? I guess besides tennis and biking... I'll beat you at something someday Steve! Alexa looks great and you all look great!
Love Elder Flake

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