Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 19, 2010 Earthquake in Hollister

Hello family:)
We are alive and well here in Hollister California. I felt my first Earthquakes finally! After serving in the Earthquake Capital of the World since August, it was about time. It was only a 4 point something and the shaking lasted only a few brief seconds and it didn't even cause anything to fall off the shelves or anything. And I guess there was one the night before this little one in the middle of the night that shook hard enough to wake everyone up in Hollister BUT my companion and I. People kept asking us if we had felt it, but nope.
Pues, the baptism of Rebeca and her little bro Evan was nice. The less active father was able to perform the baptism and the next day at church the WHOLE family was there together for the first time since I've been here. So that was great to see. The kids were sure fun to teach. Other than that, success stories include the finding of some promising looking new investigators. All referrals- tracting still hasn't shown much fruit. We're still tracting at least a couple of hours a week, but only when we run out of better things to do.
We also have been making some baptismal calendars that we plan on revealing to our investigators when we invite them to be baptized. We threw a football with the English Elders on P-day and that was fun. And my legs are still a little sore... they're not used to sprinting... Well it looks like there was a good flaky turnout at the sealing of Hal and Desi- congratulations to them:)
Pues I pray that all is well with ya'll and I thank you for your prayers.
Love Elder Flake
Sorry bro that you're sick. I hope you are better by now. Mom, the battery in my camera must be fried or something + the zoom is malfunctioning, so this next p-day I'll either replace the battery or just buy a new camera if the battery is like $20 or $30 and a nice, new camera is only like $100. Sound good? Have fun at the ball games- congrats Andy on the scholarship again- and know that I love you all! -Elder Flake

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  1. Sounds like they're shakin' things up in his lots of fun ways!! Glad he got the earthquake he's apparently hoped for. lol. He may be the only one there who's excited...but, nonetheless... :)