Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011 Email

Rosie's baptism

At the top of the 'Oven-mit' rock at the Pinnacles.

Hello Family :)
Good to hear everyone is doing well. That is an impressive Snowman Andrew and the Ray Flakes made. Yea Lindsey and Carlton are continuing to find joy in missionary work! It's members like you that us missionaries love :) Keep it up! It looks like Andy had a fun Senior Ball. My congrats to Hal and Desi. Yea for Temples!
Both Angeles and Rosie should be going to do baptisms at the Temple in Oakland with the other recent converts in the stake this Saturday! Yea for the plan of Salvation! Isabel, a lady who we began teaching months ago, returned to church this Sunday- and she brought her husband and 3 boys with her! Yea for families! 10 year old Rebeca and her 8 year old brother Evan will be baptized by their less active dad this Saturday. Yea for baptisms! Hopefully this will re-light the fire of the parents testimonies and bring them back to activity...
So the work here picked up a little bit as things started getting back to normal this week. We have a page of various potentials that we will be stopping by this week and hopefully we will be able to find some elect among them. One is a family that moved here from St. George after living there for a year. The Mom, Jannette, worked at a taco bell that I've eaten at :) We had a little adventure in San Jose after dropping off Elder Quinn last Tuesday. We had a slow leak after running over a screw and so we took it to wheel works and while it was being fixed we went street contacting. We were in an area that appeared mostly inhabited by Asians and Caucasians, but as luck would have it we found a Hispanic doing some landscaping and after a good, long gospel conversation we referred him to the Spanish speaking missionaries there in San Jose. So that was cool. This week we also had a mini Zone Conference in Morgan Hill where President Jackson revealed the new Mission Statement to us. It is an inspiring document written by the Zone Leaders which basically describes the ideal mission. Pretty cool. Well Elder Simmons and I still enjoy working with one another for the most part, even though we've been together since August.
Well, there is joy in the work :) Thank you for your prayers and support.

Love Elder FLake
HEy Mom, Yes I recieved Grandma's package and I wrote them a thank you letter. The contacts have not yet arrived. I will try and send my memory card to you today. Lots of Love, Elder Flake

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  1. Yea for Elder Flake and his never ending enthusiasm for the Work!