Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 Email

Hey fam-
I couldn't write yesterday because the library was closed for Columbus Day. Anyways, Elder Simmons and I got a call from the A.P's yesterday morning informing us that we were going to be joint-training a visa waiter, and that we needed to be up in San Jose by 2:00! It was quite a shock. So we got Elder Quinn, from Connecticut, who will be with us for some weeks or months until his visa comes and then he's off to Guadalajara Mexico. A bonus is he's already at our level of Spanish! He took 3 years in high school and was in the advanced Spanish class at the MTC and he can already speak! I'm super envious! But he's not going to slow us down one bit so we're more than glad to have a little greenie fire along with us. One thing is we have the smallest apartment in the mission- ha ha oh ya, Sister Jackson referred to it as 'a dungeon' yesterday at the mini transfer meeting :)- Elder Quinn is sleeping on a mattress that barely fits between our 2 beds
so it's really packed in there, but why I am I complaining? I know there are a lot of missionaries who have a lot worse living conditions so i'll just quit while I'm ahead. But ya were excited to have him and he's already a great missionary:) We should be dropping a few baptismal invitations this week so we'll see how that gos and we are still trying to get our branch members a little more focused on their purpose. Things are going good here though. Hope you have a happy B-day Dad:) Congrats Brady on the call! Do work! The church is still true!
Love Elder Flake
P.S Mom, I'm sending a little package for Dad and included is the picture card. That's cool you made that confrence note thing and Dad wrote that Bishop-rick message thng, ha ha, funny story :) I love you all so much!

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