Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 4, 2010 Email

Wow, I'm super jealous you guys got to be at conference! It's amazing how much you cherish conference as a missionary. The last session is the only one we had to watch in Spanish, but for good reason - David and Isabel and their 3 boys all showed up for it :) Isabel has been coming to church, but this was David's first time and it was good, because the talk ( can't remember who gave it ) about parents needing to be good example to their children hit him pretty hard. We are planning to take them to the Temple V.C this Sunday and inviting them to be baptized. Please keep them in your prayers.
Speaking of the Oakland Temple, we had a really nice session there on Wednesday. Things make more sense every time you go and I had a good experience reading and praying for a good half hour in the celestial room. The temple is the goal! Congrats Meagan and Tom! One fun experience this past week was going on Splits with an Elder Frost in Gilroy-the Garlic Capitol of the World- while Elder Simmons was at a leadership training meeting in San Jose. Elder Frost had just been transferred there so he didn't know the area and I obviously didn't so we spent a good amount of time tracting and contacting and we met a lot of cool and whitty people who put 'Frost' and 'Flake' together :) Comments included "Where's Tony?", & " You 2 should dress up like cereal or something" And we couldn't resist this door approach: "Hi, I'm Elder Frost", "and I'm Elder Flake" - "and the message we have to share- Is Greeeaaat!" Ha ha corny, I know. We did it only one time and the lady we did it to happened to not speak any English and she just gave us the most confused, blank stare I've ever seen :) Good times...
So any how, things are going well. We are excited about David and Isabel and we have a few other investigators we are working with as well so we are keeping busy. Elder Simmons and I are enjoying all the sweets Grandma made, so thanks Grandma 'D' :) Keep on Keepin' on - Love Elder Flake

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