Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 30, 2010 Email

Hey Mom:)
Things are going pretty well. This area has got potential. We have a few more men here than we had in Fremont, and we are making member present lessons one of our priorities. Yes the weather here is nice like Fremont. That's one thing NorCal has on Utah. It is starting to get a little chilly in the nights/mornings. I don't need any clothes, thank you. Cristian should be getting baptized this Saturday, if she went to church yesterday. I'm not sure if I could get anyone to take me back up to Fremont for the baptism. This P-day I'm going to learn how to play scatterball. It sounds fun. How did Andy like HomeComing? Ha ha, the turtle thing was funny.

Mom, could you send me a paper with my Priesthood pedigree thing? The one with like the arrows from Jesus Christ to the apostles to Joseph Smithe etc? Thanks:) I'm glad Dad got that job. Tell Brandy thanks for the letter. I've gotten a little lazy writing people back but I'll try and work on the pile today. Well I love you mucho and I look forward to the bread:)
Love Elder Flake

Andy! How was the dance bro? That turtle idea was pretty creative;) I hear your getting more scial- Kudos! Remember when you choose your friends that they are going the same direction that you want to go. How is cross country? Do you want to run the 2012 marathon with me? Josh Decker and I are planning on it. Well Love ya bro! Do Work!

Hey Dad:) I'm glad you've been able to keep getting work during these tough times. There are a lot of people out of work here in California. A lot of people in the branch are getting money from the church. How's your calling? Did you ever get a chance to listen to the conversion story of Glen Beck? Pretty cool/funny huh? Well Love ya tons and thanks for everything.
Love, Elder Flake

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