Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Transferred to Holllister!

I'm in Holister! A half hour south of San Jose! My new Companero is Elder Simmons, my old friend from the MTC! We were roomates there and now we're way excited to be reunited again! Neither of us are fluent yet so it might be kind of interesting with the Language at first but this is going to force us to learn it muy rapido so que bien! Elder Simmons is a really humble guy and he's super obedient so we are going to rock it here:)

So Holister is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I still have a car. There are 6 missionaries total here in the city/district. I haven't met the others yet. We are the only Spanish pair. E. Medrano and I actually did a decent job singing and Cristian came to church again plus we took her up to the Temple V.C in Oakland - so with any luck I'll be heading back up there for her Baptism on the 28th. It was hard to say goodbye to a lot of members/investigators up in Fremont, but am excited for this new challenge in the branch down here.

Elder Dawson Flake

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