Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 3, 2010 Email

Hey fam:)
Things are ok here in Cali. For one reason or another we keep having to move our dates back with our investigators. Cristian still hasn't came to church, but I think we finally have that concern resolved. Abe we think is continuing to warm up to the idea of baptism. I will probably be transferred out by the time they finally get dunked, but we'll continue to steer them to the waters. Elder Medrano taught a great District Meeting today and our District made a goal to have 13 baptisms this month. I've continued to go on lots of splits-the price to pay for being the 'District Monkey', but you learn different things from each Elder and it's fun. I had a memorable P-day yesterday. First we played DRAGON'S BREATH 3,000!!! This crazy game played in the church gym- a mix between dodgeball and capture the flag-intense stuff. I'll have to teach it to yall when i get back. Then we went to La Pinata with a pair of other Elders and I made the mistake of covenanting with the others that we wouldnt leave until we had all completed the foot long 3 pound SUPER FAMOSO BURRITO!!! It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I was the last one to finish but i finally downed the beast after about an hour:) Welp, I love you all and pray all is well.
Love a still full Elder Flake ;)
Dear jonba and Andy. aka the city slickers :) I'm glad you guys didn't get jumped running around the streets of NYC. I've felt pretty safe here in Cali. Nobody messes with God's Army:) I hope you guys aren't to worn out from your crazy busy summer because I want to go on a road trip when I get back. Of course you'll have a year or so before this road trip comes but just a heads up ;) The Spanish is coming- I can communicate ok but I still got a good while before I can even think about considering myself fluent. Thanks for your prayers and I hope you boys enjoy the rest of your summer.
Love Elder Flake

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