Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 Email Hollister, CA

Hey fam-
I'm here at the Hollister library and because i don't have proof of address yet, a letter to my apartment, I'm stuck on the 15 minute visitor computer for this week but esta bien. Andrew is going to Home Coming!!! What the Heck! That's weird! Ha ha have fun bro:) Send me pics. So you got that small package from me, yes? entonces... Today for P-day we are going to climb Fremont Peak with the other Elders from Hollister consisting of the Elder Fultz you told me to look out for and my District Leader Elder Hebdon from Smithfield.
So my talk went pretty well yesterday- except for one problem- I was talking on the Holy Ghost and to start I was sharing the story from when we were on that hike in The Devil's Garden with the Hatches - when i was trying to catch a lizard that went into the bush before Butch warned me after seeing the rattle snake in the same bush. So I was comparing Butch to the Holy Ghost- but the mishap was I accidentally used the word alligator when I meant Lizard:) So i told everyone that I was chasing an alligator in the Dessert of Southern Utah only to be scared away by a snake:) O well, I think most understood the mistake...
So I've noticed that in just this forst week my spanish has gotten a lot better already. Oh and i almost forgot about our meeting in San Jose with 6 members of the 70! Including Elder Clayton! Well Love Elder Flake

iHola! My first week here in Hollister was fun/good. There is quite a bit more people in the teaching pool here and that makes things easier. We taught a lot of first lessons this week and Elder Simmons and I teach pretty well together. Elder Simmons is from Iona, Idaho(Just outside Idaho Falls) and we were pretty good buds in the MTC so we are having a blast out here in the field together.
We obtained one new baptismal date already this past week- a woman named Marcia who is the aunt of some members here. It's a little different teaching her because she is illiterate, but she's nice. We also have a lot of investigators that we are going to be pushin to get them to church and get them dates as well this week. The branch here seemed about the same size as the one I left in Newark. I'm excited to be here and I know with the Lord's help we are going to be able to reap a lot of Souls here in Hollister.
Love Elder Flake

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  1. Oh Elder Flake! I love the alligator story and the photos, but I mostly love that being a missionary for the Lord is just as normal as shooting hoops or hiking a mountain. What a good elder!