Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 7, 2010 Email Hollister

Hey fam :)

Cristian got baptized! And I got to go up! It was wonderful! She looked so happy:) I got to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. It went well. An R.M from here, Sean Fisher, took us up. He's cool. Then Sunday we got to go on another roadtrip to the Oakland Temple with Salvador, an investigator who wants to get baptized but just has to get a divorce with his X in Mexico before he can enter the waters. He is really funny:) We got to walk around the beautiful Temple and watch "The Prophet of the Restoration". I think I enjoyed it more in Spanish than I did in English:)

So the week has been pretty good. We even got to play some good games of b-ball with some members of the English wards yesterday for the Holiday. So it sounds like all you all are doing some pretty good missionary work in your regular lives. iBien Hecho! Another idea that our mission is starting to do to get more refferals from members is leaving this challenge/opportunity at dinner appointments and such: We give the member a 3X5 card and they ask a friend/aquaintance "Do you like to read?" And if the person says yes then the member can explain the B.O.M without even revealing its name, and tell them they can get a free copy to them if they just write there name/address on this 3X5 card. Then the member returns the card to the missionary and they can even write their testimony in the copy that the missionaries will hand deliver to the friend/aquaintance:) I leave this challenge to all of you back home. Pretty easy, no? We hope to get a few good referrals from this.

Well thanks very much for the package Mom:) I'm enjoying the jam very much. Elder Simmons is too. We get along great. We both love this work and are having a blast:) We are still running together every other morning and I'm starting to get back into shape. Well I got to go, send me a bag of sand from Hawaii so I can stand in it or something:) I recently discovered that canned coconut juice stuff. It's good:)

Pues, Love Elder Flake

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