Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010 Email to Lindsey and Danielle

Hey Linds! That's pretty exciting you are moving out to the big East. How many years are you going to be out there? You know what they say about the East Coast, it's big, hard, and everyone is miserable. Have you listened to the Glen Becks Conversion story? He talks about the East. But good thing you have the Gospel and know where true happiness lies:) I will pray for you and hope this next stage of your life will be an enjoyable one. I can't remember quite when Carlton's B-day is but I think it's soon so happy Birthday Carlton:) Be Careful in the City of Brotherly Love, cause I hear it's not as lovely as the name infers:) The Lord will bless as you do what is right. It says it in the B.O.M 1 million times!
\Lots of love
Elder Flake

Hi! Hi! Hi! Alexa:) I'm glad you had fun at the reunion:) It's way cool reading in the B.O.M about me, the Gentile, bringing forth the Gospel to the posterity of Lehi. It's all over the place. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summers!
Love Elder Flake

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