Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010 Email

hola familia y amigos!
The first lesson in Espanol at the TRC was pretty rough. But I guess it is for almost every one so it's all good. It truly is an emotional roller coaster ride here at the MTC. One day the language is clicking and you couldn't be happier and then the next day it's like you just got here and can't even throw a simple sentence together. But with so many spiritual growth experiences going on here, it's easy to put behind you your struggles and just keep on chugging.
The 2 or 3 plates of food i have each meal here are starting to show its fruits. I've gained 10 pounds now:) We had two awesome devotionals this week- one, someone would just go up to a mic and say there favorite verse of a hymn and why then all 2,500 or something missionaries would sing the verse. Music is powerful.
The other one, Elder Hinkley, the son of the prophet who is a member of the 70, gave a powerful talk. He talked about the story of his Grandpa telling the later to be prophet on his mission to forget himself and go to work. Sometimes my brain feels like it can't handle anymore after a long day and I feel like I need a break. But this is when I need to follow this council and just forget my self. I'm gaining a stronger testimony of prayer and that the more sincere our prayers are, the more Heavenly Father is going to help us out. He wants to help. All we have to do is ask.Hope all is well with everyone.
Love, Elder Flake
(He said that he just sent some photos! Can't wait!

PS. Dawson's sister was volunteering at the TRC today with her cousin, Rebecca. Right before she went in, she just happened to spot Elder Flake! She yelled at him and got to say Hello for just a second but the teacher wouldn't let her give him a hug. Pretty cool!

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  1. What is TRC? We're excited that Elder (Nick) Andersen could look forward to seeing a best friend on arrival last week, so hope to hear about that. We sure love Dawson!