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February 12, 2010 Email

February 12, 2010
Mi Hermana es engaged! Loco! Congratulations Sis! So I have less than 20 days left here... es tambien loco. Every day learning Espanol is a battle. I'm nowhere near fluent by all means, but I guess no one is by the time they leave the MTC so esta bien. Mi companero es muy smart though so he helps me out a bunch. We had a threesome companionship this week porque Hermana Georgseson from our zone, who has been stuck here for an extra 3 or so weeks cause something is up with her Visa, was put with me and my comp. She was able to help us out a ton with both the Gospel and the language so that was cool. She finally got her Visa and is leaving Monday so felicitacioenes to her. So ya I ran into Lindsey here last week when she was volunteering at the TRC and that was pretty suprising/cool. And now she is going off and getting married so what ev... Ha ha j/k sis I am muy feliz for you:) So ya all is great and thanks to all those who have wrote and for all your prayers. The Church is still true! Love Elder Flake.

--Hey fam! Lindsey is really getting married huh? Pretty crazy! Congrats again! Thanks so much for the package! You found my watch! Hooray! And the mini PMG is the envy of the District. Sounds like our D-Hills boys are doin work in B-ball! Thanks also for the letter Bro. Sounds like you are living it up so just keep doin what you're doin:) Mom that is awesome that you are doing that blog. Keep it up! Dad, how's the ward? You fulfilling your calling?! J/k I know you are. Hope the prisoners are behaving. I just started reading Jesus the Christ. It's intense and I'm loving it. So you are in my prayers! Hope you liked my pics. My comp. is the one making the cheezy faces. He's a funny guy. And the one with the bottle- don't worry it's just sparkling soda:) The one with the socks on his ears-Elder Ayotte- He is HILARIOUS. Almost once a week he hides in my closet and scares the bejeebers out of me. So almost my whole life here is spent in a little class room. But we make the most of it and try to have a little fun now and again. My teachers, Hermano Burkholtz and Hermana Ribera are AWESOME. wELL keep reading the scriptures and stuff:) Love ya tons.
Elder Dawson Flake

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