Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elder Scott Visits San Jose Mission

Here is a letter from the San Jose mission shared by a sister on Missionary Moms:

Hi Sisters:

My son is serving in the San Jose mission. Last week they had Elder Scott visiting for Stake Conference. He also held a fireside for the Latinos and spoke at a mission conference. I thought you might be interested in what my son had to say about it. I've left it as he wrote it...he seems to have forgotten how to spell, capitalize and use correct grammar!

Well this last week went pretty well. Very very busy it seemed like, but didn't seem like we got a whole lot of actual missionary work done. Friday night, Saturday morning, and sunday morning, we got the opportunity to hear from Elder Scott which was really cool. Friday night was a spanish fireside which he spoke at and only the latinos were invited. One of the most interesting things he said there to all the latinos was that they needed to learn English) because their children would be speaking it) In France they speak french, it Italy they speak italian, in america they speak english, so they needed to adapt to the culture. But it was really cool because at the end he blessed everyone with the Gift of tongues. That was really cool and powerful to hear and see.
Saturday we got to sit down with him as mission and talk with him for about 4.5 hours. We talked about a LOT of stuff. The thing that struck out most to me and has occurred a few times this transfer is the importance of charity and doing service. Doing service for others brings the spirit - it's pretty simple. So if we want to activate less actives or bring nonmembers to the gospel giving them opportunities to serve are excellent ways to do it. It's living Christ's example. So I thought that was pretty cool. Then sunday was Stake Conference and he talked a lot about how we need to teaching our children and bring them up right. Lots of information and lots of meetings.

Best wishes to you all (and your missionaries).

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