Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 26, 2010 Email and letter

Hey Mom sorry I don't have a lot of time. They switched to gmail now so my email is now so ya i'll be calling you Tuesday morning i guess. Look forward to talkin to you. I don't thinks it is supposed to be too long of a call but we'll see what happens. I still have about $100 in cash so i'm good there. And I can't think of anything I need. It's finally setting in that i'm leaving! Crazy! Well Love ya and thanks for everything!
Elder Dawson Flake

Mosiah is Awesome! I love King Benjamin's adress and especially Alma the Younger's conversion story in Ch. 17. I love how he says how he was"snatched" from eternal torment through the power of the atonement and faith in Jesus Christ. Everything we teach out here goes back to Jesus and his atoning scrifice. I'll probably never understand how this great gift works, but I do know that it is real and will help those I teach better thier lives and bring them peace. Any how-things are going great and I love learning and that's a good thing cause that's all we do out here. I'm so excited that I'm finally getting out into the field in less than two weeks now!
So what are you doing for personal studey? I'm doing a bunch of different things. In Ch. 5 of PMG there are a bunch of 'Questions of the Soul' with scripture references in the BOM for each question. I like going through those and I also enjoy Jesus the Christ I recently started. There is so much to study and so little time here. It's frustrating! But I've really leaned to love learning so that's a plus.

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