Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011 New Companion!

So I got my first native companion! Well, kind of. He was born in California to a Canadian Father and a Honduran mother, and then at age 2 his family moved to Honduras, where he was raised. His name is Elder Gainor and he's great. Perfectly fluent in both English and Spanish so this is my opportunity to really learn some Spanish.

One other thing i found out is that if your companion is native, it helps you get in doors. People we met for the first time were just letting us into their homes (which usually doesn't happen much) so we got to teach a lot and we picked up 10 new investigators! So this looks to be a successful transfer.

My first District meeting didn't go as well as the week went, but it wasn't a total fail :) One thing I did like was an idea I got from PMG which was to list (for like 2-3 minutes) all the truths and ordinances that we have because of the Restoration. It just helps us realize how truly blessed we are as members. After we did this activity, as a competition between the Elders and Sisters (the Sisters won, of course) I challenged the District to invite the members they meet with this week to do the challenge, and I extend it as well to all of you :)

So I'm excited for the new transfer and things are going well. Thanks for your love and support,

Love Elder Flake

Wow Dad, that was a great article. You got skills :)

Unity truly is important. Especially as a missionary. You need to be unified with your companion, ward or branch leaders, and especially with the Holy Ghost. So ya, looks like I'll be in Hollister for at least 7 months total, with a chance of a whole 8 and a half. But you're right, it's a good place to be. With plenty of Hispanics :) Andrew is going to be a great missionary. Just the basics I believe will help him prepare the most- daily scripture reading and prayer. To be at least familiar with PMG will definitely help as well. It was also cool to have that stint of having Eduardo take the lessons at our house. Having missionary experiences now will make the transition to being in the full time service much easier. Well love ya Dad, and thanks for the prayers.

Love Elder Flake

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  1. I agree that his challenge helps us feel more appreciative of the many, many blessings we enjoy because the gospel was restored. Thanks to Elder Flake for the reminder. :)