Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19, 2010 Email

Dear Family,
Things are heating up here in Fremont. We got 8 new investigators this past week, and committed 2 to baptism :) And the weather is also, yesterday was the first day that was actually too uncomfortably warm. Ha ha I had a funny experience while on splits with my fellow greenie Elder Collins the other day. We knock this door and this 20 year old Mexican gangster answers the door and immediately invites us in and leads us through this house to this wood shed in the backyard where I guess he lives. He has us sit down and immediately puts this crate in front of the door way and i find myself thinking, " Oh my goodness, he's going to kill us" But we end up teaching him and then he takes us to his gang of like 10 guys down the street and we say a prayer with them after they ask us if we'd like any weed or booz. We said no to that of course, and then after teaching them a little we left. It was scary/really cool. But Jose, the main guy said we could go back and teach him so that is cool. Well I have to go, but thank you so much for your prayers. Love, Elder Flake
Hey bro :)
You say Elder the exact same way, just pronounced a little different. You guys got second out of everyone in the race?! Like including college kids and everyone? That's sweet! I've heard Avatar was pretty amazing. Especially watching on that big screen. Ya the rubics cube isn't that tough if you have some one that knows how to do it show you step by step.
I climbed mission peak finally today:) It's not even 3,000 feet, but you start pretty much at sea level and it's around 5 miles so it was pretty tough. I had to pretty much drag this deaf elder who's balance wasn't too great up the mountain. He's from New York and has never been on a hike before. There were some great views and i took some pics that I will send home as soon as I receive that other memory card.
Well bro, keep doin work and stuff. Did you finish the B.O.M yet this year with seminary? I love that book. I've been reading about King Benjamin lately. That man was amazing. He's huge on serving and humility ( Calls us unworthy creatures, created from the dust ). We really do owe everything to God. That's something I really need to work on. Well, love ya dude - Elder Flake

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