Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey family up the road!
It was BIG week down here in Salinas this past week, with the 101st Salinas Rodeo, California's largest. Lot's of vaqueros (cowboys) came, and the streets were pretty crowded for a couple days, but now things are slowing down again. Elder Mote and I stopped on our bikes outside the stadium to watch a couple of bull rides on the jumbo tron the other night. That was right after some crazy homeless guy tried to push elder mote off of his bike. Luckily he bounced off some bushes and was able to keep riding. I was riding behind, so I just dropped off the curb into the street out of the guys reach and got by him. Ha ha, it was pretty funny. There are a lot of homeless people here in Salinas. It's sad.

Well none of our investigators came to church this Sunday :( But a member brought a friend that we are going to start teaching :) His name is Manuel. It seemed like he enjoyed church. We did quite a bit of street contacting this week. Hopefully some of the potentials we got from that will turn out to be solid. There is a less active from the San Benito Branch (Hollister) who is now at the big hospital here in Salinas. It's actually hermano Vasquez, the one we helped remodel a house over Christmas time 6 months ago. His Kidneys failed, so he just had a surgery and now he will have to start doing dialysis 3 times a week. I hear dialysis isn't very fun. The waiting list for a kidney transplant is 6 years now-a-days... We gave him a blessing, and then a few days later we stopped by to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him. He is a funny guy, a good man.

This week we also had a fun ward party. It was the 'Zarahemla challenge'. There were 3 teams and they played a series of games (such as sling shot shooting, a big puzzel, etc.) mixed in with questions from the Book of Mormon. Then at the end, a member did a presentation on the Navajo Indians, and then we had Navajo tacos- and they were super good. It was a fun evening. Well, I better e-mail President Watkins, but if I have a little more time I might write a little more. Well I hope you enjoy your time here in the Golden State. Stay away from Fulsom prison, I here it's a bad place. The lake sounds nice though. Send me some pics!

I got a letter from Darrell on Saturday, Gracias primo! Thanks for the salutation Jonba! A Town, you're my hero! Parents, you're amazing :)
Love Elder Flake

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