Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 Teaching English

Hey Mom:)

The work continues on here in Salinas. Things are a little slow right now. We have a few investigators. None of which are super promising, but with a little work and by helping them keep a few commitments, things could definitely happen. We need to find more people. To help with this, the 4 of us Spanish elders here in Salinas are going to begin teaching an English class every Thursday. There are already a handful of members who are excited about it. So that's good. This will be my first time trying this.

Speaking of language learning, our recent converts, the Apolinar family, taught Elder Mote and I some Mixteco last night, while we we were visiting with them. Kuni Kushi! (I'm hungry:) It's a crazy language- sounds like Chinese. They are doing well. They work so hard... Before my mission, I never thought about where the strawberry I was eating came from. These people spend hours of backbreaking work out in the sun caring for, picking, and packaging the fruits and vegetables we enjoy. And they do it for $45 or $50 a day. It's a tough life...

5 and a half extra hours of meetings? That's crazy Mom. A typical Sunday for me?

8:00- coordination with ward mission leader
9:00- P.E.C
10:00- call investigators to remind them about church; or if we have the car, we go to their houses/apartments to wake them up
11:00-2:00- Church
2:30-4:00- proselyte
4:00- dinner; on Sundays we usually eat with bro. Vargas (the Elders Quorum President) and his family, or la familia Apolinar
5:00-8:30- We usually are busy with appointments, if not, we proselyte some more (street contacting, visiting potentials, less actives, etc.)
8:30- return to the apartment, I get the numbers from the district and then I report them to the Zone Leaders
Sunday is game day. How well it goes is determined by if you get investigators to church or not.
Well Mom, thank you for your prayers and sacrifices in my behalf. I love you very much. Good luck with the trek.Where are they doing it? Andrew would make a great Indian. I hope you have a great week! Love Elder Flake

p.s, I have not received the package yet, they must be holding it till transfers next week (Tues. the 19th) bummer :(

Love you Mom!

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