Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 18, 2011 Email Transfer-Stay in Salinas

Wow Mom, that is quite the compliment Pres. Topham/Sister Dalton gave you and the fam. Thank you so much for your examples! Sounds like the hard work you all put into the trek really paid off, and had quite the impact on everyone involved. That's awesome.

So transfer calls came and it looks like I'll be spending my fourth transfer here in Salinas, still with Elder Mote. We thought for sure Elder Mote was being transferred. Obviously I'm supposed to be learning something from him that I haven't figured out yet. He's very serviceable. Also he is a great teacher and loves the people we teach and associate with. So maybe he's slowly helping me improve in these areas, and Heavenly Father thinks one more transfer with Elder Mote will be for the best. We don't always get along super bien, but we are understanding each other more and more as time goes by. So I might finish my mission here in Salinas? I only have 4 transfers left... We'll see I guess.

The English class went well. Only 3 members showed up, but they all learned a lot and seemed excited about it. We advertized it quite a bit the last few days, putting flyers in laundry mats and the like. And people have started calling so we expect a better turn out next week. We found and taught this cool young couple this week. Pedro and Ernastina. They are very nice/humble and accepted our invitation to be baptized :) So that was exciting. Also, the 4 of us Elders in the ward all gave talks in Sacrament yesterday. I got carried away I guess and I took 15 minutes only leaving 15 minutes total for Elder Mote and Elder Barrow, and they had to skip the rest hymn... but people said they enjoyed my talk :)

Of course, we all spoke on missionary work. I shared the experience of how Jamie saw the example of the Domninguez family, members who are practically family of Jamie, and because of the happiness that the Gospel brought to their lives, she pursued it and was baptized. Now Jamie is about to head off to girl's camp and it is a blessing to see her change from the Gospel. So ya, I talked a lot about being an 'example of the believers' and 'letting your light shine' to all their non-member friends. And also I suggested ways that they can take the first step in sharing the Gospel with their friends. And of course I told them how much the Gospel has blessed the lives of our family and will bless anyone who accepts and applies it.

What else... This super nice, like celestial good lady, who is always giving us fresh fruits and vegies, and packages of bottled water, and anything else she thinks we need, is taking 6 of us Elders to Olive Garden for lunch today. Her name is Hermana Rico. She is the best. Well familia, Haz lo Justo and Mantenga la fe and stuff alright? Thank you so much for helping me be out here and for your tremendous examples. Way to do missionary work Andy! Tell Shelton I say Hi :)
Love you much, Elder Flake

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