Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011 Email

Yea! We finally had the double wedding + triple baptism this past weekend! Everything went great! We did our baptism, of Reyna, Odilia, and Gerardo Apolinar - on Friday, with a quick wedding ceremony right before. We had a good turnout from the ward. I got to baptize 11 year old Gerardo and also confirm him a member in sacrament meeting on Sunday. All 3 of them were excited and happy :)

I also got to attend Salvador's baptism in Hollister on Saturday as well! He was very happy to finally be able to enter the waters. It took a whole year to do the divorce thing. But he made it, and also 6 of the 8 missionaries who taught him were able to attend. Good ol' Elder Simmons baptized him. I told Salvador I'll be coming back next summer to attend the temple in Oakland with him when he is endowed. This was obviously a great week. Yea baptisms!

We also have an investigator, Lorenzo, who could be baptized as early as this weekend. The problem is he doesn't think he has recieved a legit enough answer yet. Apparently he's has a lot of interaction with God in the past, like even hearing his voice and seeing things and the like, and he is expecting that kind of caliber of an answer now. We explained to him how the Spirit works but he just doesn't seem to get it. Bishop suggested that we try fasting with him for a day this week so we'll try that. Any other ideas? Please keep him in your prayers. Even if Lorenzo isn't baptized this week, the other pair of Elder's in the ward have a baptism scheduled for this weekend so we'll be keeping the font full here in the Salinas Third Ward.

So thank you for your prayers! The Lord is truly blessing us here! Oh, and congrats to Darrell and Eve! Hope everyone has a fantastic week,

Love Elder Flake

(Dawson sent a picture card but the envelope was slit when we got it and the SD card was missing! Bummer!) He sent this picture with a letter to Andrew for his birthday.
Dang, that stinks about the card... Oh well. So ya, the only one of the recent converts that speaks English out of the Recent Converts is Jamie. You could just send me the letter and I could give it to her if you wanted to send her your congratulations. That would be cool:) So is Grandma really going to move back to Tenn? Oh man, I was hoping she could teach me how to index when I got home. Well, I wish her the best. So I got to jet cause we're going to move apartments now, but thank you family so much! You are the bombs! I will send you our new address next week.
Love Elder Flake

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