Friday, June 11, 2010

June 8, 2010 Email

This week was good. We are starting to find people who are searching for the truth. A really cool thing happened last week. We found Xochitl-(An Aztec name pronounced So-Chill) She prayed us to her apartment. That morning she was doing some meditating and basically told God she was ready for the truth. So God sent us to her door that afternoon. We had an appointment with her neighbor a few doors down, but they weren't there so we knocked on Xochitl's door, under the impresion that it was where a potential lived that we had tracted into a week before. But it wasn't and Xochitl answered instead and she immediatley invited us in. We've taught her 3 times now and she has agreed to be baptized. There are a few obstacles we need to hurtle though first. One, she needs to get married to the man she is living with, who we still haven't met. Two, she has cancer. And three, she has a lot of different beliefs that we need to clear up. But we all agree that us knocking on her door was no accident. So please pray for her. She's cool, and very nice.
We are still teaching Alex and now also his 18 year old sister. Hopefully his parents attribute his better grades/behavior to our visits because Alex does. he's an awesome kid. We just need to get his parents on board... There are a couple more we are teaching now as well. And also our branch mission leader is coming out with us now:0 He finally came to an appointment with us, felt the Spirit, and now looks like he will be more willing to help us. Things just keep getting better here:)
i hope i get atleast one more transfer in this area after this one... The field is white, even in Fremont:) Love Elder Flake

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  1. It's so great to hear the work is progressing and that Elder Flake loves his area. Great missionary!