Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010 Email

Hey Bro!
How is it being !16!? Loco! I hope you survive the driving test. Just say a silent prayer for yourself and the others driving and you should make it out alive:) You're not driving with Coach Turley are you? Congrats on completing your duty to God! It's funny how everyone always procrastinates those until the last minute:) One more to go! You can do it! So you're a Priest now? You'll have to let me know how your first blessing on the Sacrament goes. i've blessed the bread and water in Spanish a few times here. This last Sunday i miss-pronounced a word and had to do it twice. But it's no big deal. Just take it slow and you'll be fine. I never heard how Lake Powell went. Was it a good time? Well give Lindz and Carlton my best at the wedding, alright? Love Elder Flake

Hey Fam,
All is well In Cali. We finally had a lesson with the whole family of Alex. There is a really cool object lessson on Faith that I need to show you when i get back, Invovling fire and a tea bag. It's pretty cool. Anyways we did it with them and it went well and hopefully things will continue to progress with them. President has been making a push for us to do quick in-n-out blessings on homes with our members. We got about half the branch this past week and we hope to get the other half this week. We bless them to recieve revelation on who among their friends/family they need to invite to hear the missionaries. Hopefully it will bare fruit.
Played B-ball for 4 hours yesterday. I sure was tired after but it was fun. We played with some India Indians that we met on the street the other day. And they got game suprisingly. One of them shot lights out from beyond the arc. So Lindsey and Carlton's big day is finally here huh? I'm very happy for both of them and apologize for not being able to attend:) You both are in my prayers and congrats! And happy birthday Alexa! Love you!
Elder Flake

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