Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010 Email

It was great to talk to Elder Flake on Mother's Day. He is still struggling with his Spanish, but I think that it is because he can get by talking English most of the time. He's gained a little weight and gets free day old bread at Costco (and muffins and baked goods!) He gets a little Basketball in but they have a car and spend most of their p days doing laundry and writing letters and such. He says the weather is perfect!

Sent: Monday, May 10, 2010 6:12 PM
Hey It was good to talk to you yesterday:) I was missing you guys for about an hour afterwards but then we taught a powerful first lesson to 4 Guatamaleans and i forgot about you again:) Tell soon to be Elder Spilker that you can tell if an Hispanic is Guatamalean if they are especially short, have rounder faces, and according to my experience are quiet,if not shy, but are really nice.
Elder Medrano is a very good teacher and in general a great people person. And he's bold. He TOLD this guy yesterday ( As in gangster told ). This guy said in the Bible that it never says that marriage is a requirement. So Medrano whipped out some scrips in Genesis and Corinthinans and then said that if he was too cheap to pay the $100 or whatever it is to get married then he is too cheap. This guy (a non-member) has two kids with this sister in our branch and they have been together for like 15 years and are still not married, a sad common truth out here. I bore testimony after about how he can know the truth through reading and praying and it felt good. I am e-mailing a day early by the way because we have a zone confrence that is going to be an all day thing tomorrow, at a state park in the woods. It sounds fun. And I bought a Garmin GPS for $100 today at Walmart. Well I hope you enjoy the pics I sent and have a great week.
Love Elder Flake

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  1. Elder Andersen will be jealous...he still hasn't put on any weight! I love Dawson's stories about people he meets and teaches. Thx.