Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010 Email

Hey Mom!
I hope you had a wonderful celebration of the Day of your Birth:) I'll try and get you a better pic some time this week. Thank you so much for the package! I was just expecting the translator, (which is a really nice one by the way, gracias:) but I got a lot more! I'm set on cereal for another week, Thank you:) Congrats again to Andy on the Scholarship. So this week...Elder Medrano got this weird sickness so we were apartment bound for a couple days. He was just really dizzy and had a headache. But he went to the Doctor yesterday and said he's fine and he's feeling better. With Medrano, we're teaching more lessons than before, but we still aren't finding anyone who realizes what we have! They are either like that's nice... but I'm Catholic. Or "i already believe in Christ, so I'm good". They just don't get it... But we know there are prepared people out there, it's just a matter of finding them. In P.E.C this week, we went through the whole list of members in the Branch, wasn't a very big list, but we circled all the less-actives and we are going to be hunting them down this week. Our philosophy is to start with what we got, the foundation, and use the members to try and build off of it. We had Zone Conference in the woods earlier this week, It was really nice up in the hills and we had some nice, spiritual experiences. My favorite part was just when we were given about 30 minutes to go off by ourselves and write in our journals. i had a good experience just sitting under a tree and writing my thoughts. Then also we had our once a transfer zone party which was fun. It was raining so we met in a chapel instead of a park, but we had a nice BBQ, played some B-ball and volleyball, and had a good time. Thank you for your prayers,
Love, Elder Flake
- Also thank you for your letter Dad, ha ha it was funny. It's probably a good thing you ate those cookies :)

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  1. yeah...I've missed reading his letters lately! Thanks for sharing. Dawson is probably the coolest elder in the mission! :)