Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mission Call!

Dawson's mission call came today! Oct. 7, 2009. He had submitted his papers the week before and the stake president had got them in on Sept. 29 so the call was made on Wednesday, Sept. 30, the week of General Conference. We thought that might set it back a week, but it came. Dawson got the letter on the way to his 3:00 Biology class. He ran it home and hid it in his room so we wouldn't try to open it. After his class he helped Davy move a desk and then went to his institute class. Meanwhile I went and watched Andrew run at SCHS for his cross country race. We made a few phone calls and had friends and neighbors here at 9:00 pm when he opened it. San Jose, California Spanish speaking! He leaves on December 30! That is the date that we put as his eligibility date. Sweet! We are all excited.
Johnsons, Hatches, Saaralainens, Suttners, Thompson's, and a bunch of Dawson's friends were there. We had brownies and ice cream and celebrated!

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