Monday, August 15, 2011

August 8, 2011 Email

Sounds like the reunion was a success and a good time. I just read that article in the Ensign about that pioneer who built the Pine Valley chapel and discovered Bryce Canyon. Pretty cool. Tell Rebecca congrats for me on going through the temple. Jason just told me he got transferred to Snow Flake. Ha ha, that's awesome.

I'm glad to hear that Dad is staying busy with jobs. Tell Jonba and the boys thanks for the letters, and Sister Johnson as well. Are you ready to go back to school Mom? :) I know Andrew probably isn't. Sounds like he had a pretty fun summer.

So this past week, President Watkins iniciated a new key indicator of getting 20 contacts a day (or 140 per week) and Elder Mote and I got 146 :) That's a lot of people. We're usually pretty good at talking to just about everyone we come across, but now we're even more focused on it. You never know who the elect are going to be. Fidel Santoyo, who now has a baptismal date for the 28th of August, was a man we just went up to in the park and started talking to him. We had a cool lesson with him last week. He said a great prayer and was touched by the Spirit. Well, I look forward to reading all the notes from my couzins. The package did finally come :) Thanks! You are in my prayers.

Love Elder Flake

Hello again Mom,

So I got a call yesterday from Sister Whithers, who is the mission secretary up there in San Jose. I guess Salt Lake already wants to know which airport I'm going to fly into by this Friday. So I think it would be cool to fly into St. George (is that new airport close to being finished yet?), but I'll go where ever you're gonna be :) The regular transfer/missionaries leave day is Wednesday, January 4th. But maybe you can ask Sister Whithers to confirm which day I'll be coming home (if she even knows yet). This is crazy even talking about this stuff. The address that you need to contact is: 2011549@ldschurch .org. Call the mission office if you have any questions. They need to know by this Friday. I'm doing good :)

We chopped down a tree for a little old lady today for service. That was fun. I'll try and send pictures soon. I got some pictures today from Danielle of cute little alexa. She keeps growin! I love you very much! Hope the school year starts off great for you! Love Elder Flake

Hey Danielle:) Thanks for the e-mail. I remember recently getting a letter from you that included some of Alexa's artwork, as well as the work of your primary kids, ( I actually was in the same zone as that Elder Miller before he recently got transferred) but I don't remember costco pictures. Hopefully they're on there way. Thank you for thinking of me and tell Alexa I think her artwork is fantastic:) Alexa is so big... I saw a 2 year old at church yesterday and she was running around and I was thinking, wow. Alexa is big. I'm very excited to play with her when I return:)

That is cool you are in all those clubs. I'm impressed that you know how to sew and quilt. I look forward to seeing some of your work. What books have you been reading for your book club? I just finished Jesus the Christ, and now I am reading 'Our Heritage' The beginnings of our church are pretty amazing. Those pioneers sure were tough. Funny stuff happens on your mission. Whether it's a bike gang of kids stocking us on our bikes or some lady you just met grabbing your hand to say a prayer, or some little girl finding that pulling on your arm hairs is pretty entertaining, and she doesn't stop, not even while I'm praying:) It's fun... Well, love ya sis. Tell Steve I wish him luck on his big test. I hope you all have a fun, relaxing 4 week break break. Love Elder Flake

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