Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011 Email Release date: January 3, 2012

Hey Momma!

I hope your transition from summer life to school life goes smoothly. I got all the notes from our couzins :) Tell them all thanks for me please :) So what's the next big event you're planning as part of your calling? Speaking of callings, the Monterey Stake Presidency just got re-organized during stake conference this weekend. We went to the Sunday session over there in Sea Side. Elder Gavarret of the first quorum of the 70 was presiding and an area 70 by the name of Elder Cordova accompanied him. They were both Latinos! So they held a special meeting for all the Spanish members of the stake after the main session :) Both meetings were great. It was good, I think, for our members to see that there are Latino leaders in the church. Both meetings had a missionary theme. Pres. Watkins and his wife spoke.

The week was pretty slow, teaching wise. The majority of our appointments that we did have fell through :( We did do a lot of service though :) First, we took down this dead tree for a very nice little old lady named Betty. I used a hand saw and chain saw to trim the branches off, then we called our Spanish compadres, Elder Barrow and Elder Dimon, and they helped us push it down. Now Betty is an investigator of the English Elders :) Then on Saturday, the 8 of us elders here in Salinas helped out with a city 'clean up Salinas' project. There were multiple large garbage bins lined up along the street, each for a different material, (metal, wood, plastic etc.). And we helped people unload there junk from there cars and trucks and threw it in the bins. It was kind of fun. They payed us in all the little cezars pizza we could handle :)

Welp, tell my friends former elders Montague, Cox and Thompson that I say hi and that I salute them please. That's cool that I will get to fly into the new airport. I still got a lot of work to do though so we can't be thinking about that :) Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers mom. They are appreciated.

Love your son, Elder Flake

Very good to hear from you! You're a senior now!!! Wow! Let me know how your first week of school goes, ok? Which classes are you taking, who are your teachers etc. Sounds like you had an awesome summer. I look forward to hangin out with you all next summer. We're still gonna do a crazy road trip, ite? I'm happy to hear that you are doing X- country again. I think I got about the same time as you my first race my senior year. So you definitely have a shot at breaking my PR. What was it, like 16:30? Ha ha, looks like you had a pretty crazy fan club at your race :) Our cousins are crazy aren't they? What's Justin up to these days? Tell him I say hi, ok?

The mission goes on here in Salinas. We meet so many people everyday. It gets frustrating some times because WE know that our message is so important, and you try and share that with others, and no one gets it! But you just got to keep on inviting and pray that Heavenly Father will put a person in our path who is spiritually prepared enough to understand the importance of what we are talking about. Well bro, make the best of your senior year. You're such a nice kid and everyone knows it, so just keep being yourself and continue to reach out to the friendless. I love you to death and hope to hear from you again soon.

Love Elder Flake

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