Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011 Email

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you had a great day yesterday! Sounds like Dad and Andrew helped to make it special.

That's awesome that the ward is having another baptism. Great job Bro. Johnson! I was actually invited by a member of the Monterrey Stake Presidency last night to read that talk by Pres. Uchdorf- and all those sections in Doctrine and Covenants. I will do it tomorrow for Personal Study. The Bishop drove us over to Seaside (by Monterrey) last night for the Stake Priesthood conference. It was great. One cool thought from that was this: Many of the choices we make either allow us to be justified or sanctified. Choose to be sanctified!

I am very excited to hear from Elder Ballard this Saturday. I have been reading his book, 'Our Search for Happiness'. If only all non members were required to read that book... A lot more people would understand what the church is really all about. Sad news for our investigator G (who also is the Mother of investigators D and K) To make a long story short, she just found out that her 'husband' has been cheating on her, and this caused her to have a panic attack- she already suffers from depression- and now she is in the hospital because she overdosed on her pills. Poor woman. She is so sweet. Please keep her in your prayers. So this also means that the baptism of D and K (that was planned for this weekend) will again have to be pushed back... We had it all planned out and they were excited, but Satan got in the way! Ughhh...

Good news for this week is that we found 4 new investigators, which meant that we got to teach the Restoration 4 times this week, and that's always nice. One of them, Lorenzo, believes our message- but one obstacle we will have to overcome is that he is still practicing the Old Testament version of the Law of Sacrifice. He has sacrificed chickens, candy and even cookies. Kind of strange but he does seem interested :)

Well, we are going to keep chuggin along. It's crunch time for Reina and Odilia and Gerardo, They have continued to faithfully attend church, but they haven't done anything about getting their marriage licenses. So we are really going to push for them to get going on that, and Si Dios Quiere we will still have a baptism in May (on the 28th) and a wedding to boot :) Thanks for your prayers.

Love Elder Flake

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