Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 Email

Hey fam :) We had a baptism this Saturday! Too bad it was just an 8 year old one:( I guess the last convert baptism in this branch was almost a year ago. Quite the drought. This upcoming fast Sunday though we are having a special branch fast for missionary work. Hopefully this will get the members a little more missionary minded. We don't really have any solid investigators right now. The Santiago's aren't really progressing any more and we have a few other investigators that are the same story. There is a family though, that we have an appointment with tomorrow that we are excited about. They actually sought us out which is definitely a good sign.
Let's see... A 16 year old young man named Jack Champion spent a day with us as apart of the stake's mini mission activity the other day. He was cool and we had a good experience with him. We get to go to the Oakland Temple a week from tomorrow:) That will be awesome. It's tough not having much success. But I'm sure the elect are out there and I have faith that the Lord will lead us to them. May the Lord bless you.
-Love Elder Flake---

Hey fam. Sorry I didn't have time to send you a letter this past week. But I am for sure sending you one this week with a picture card. Sounds like all is well. I'm glad Andrew still enjoys digging holes:) The Turtle's out of hibernation yet? I'm doing good. I get more than enough food and me and my companion still get along just fine.
Your in my prayers, Love Elder Flake

Hey Dani. Thanks for the scriptures and the updates. Ha ha I'm sure you will be blessed for dropping the T.V service:) It was nice growing up without that and stuff wasn't it? Being outside is much more awesome. That's funny Alexa doesn't like grass. She's not allergic is she? Played some more b-ball for P-day this morning. I'm getting pretty out of shape. I think we are going to start getting to the church in the mornings though to shoot and run around. The green hills around the city are really pretty. I guess they are supposed to be turning brown here soon though so we're going to have to take a hike before that happens. What did you do on your mission when times got tough? Well for now we're just gonna keep on chugging.
Love ya tons, Elder Flake

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